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2016-11-10 Introduction of Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer The double cone rotary vacuum dryer is suitable for the concentration, mixing, drying of powdery, granular and fibrous materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, and materials that require low temperature drying (such as biochemical products), and is more suitable for easy oxidation and easy Volatilization, strong heat se… Detail
2016-10-13 Modern drying equipment meets the needs of production development The drying equipment of Changzhou Fengri Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. is used for drying operations. The moisture in the material (generally referring to moisture or other volatile liquid components) is vaporized and escaped by heating to obtain the specified moisture content. Solid materials. The purpose of drying is for the use of materials or the … Detail
2016-10-13 Drying equipment helps the development of deep processing of fruits and vegetables       Changzhou Fengri Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. strives to upstream. With the development of China ’s agricultural technology, the output of fruit and vegetable agricultural products is getting higher and higher, and the variety is becoming richer. Apart from fresh food, a large part of these agricultural products a… Detail
2016-10-13 The role of agitator in rotary flash dryer Changzhou Fengri Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. is breaking through. The stirrer of the rotary flash dryer can drive the hot air from the distribution chamber into the drying chamber to generate a high-speed rotating airflow, thereby forming a stable fluidized bed layer, avoiding unstable flow such as jet surge caused by local sticking State; secondly,… Detail
2016-09-09 The application fields of multifunctional drying equipment are getting wider and wider The drying equipment of Changzhou Fengri Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. needs to complete the transfer of heat and mass (moisture) at the same time during the drying process to ensure that the moisture partial pressure (concentration) of the surface moisture of the material is higher than that of the external space To ensure that the temperature of the… Detail
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