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Introduction of Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer

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The double cone rotary vacuum dryer is suitable for the concentration, mixing, drying of powdery, granular and fibrous materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, and materials that require low temperature drying (such as biochemical products), and is more suitable for easy oxidation and easy Volatilization, strong heat sensitivity, toxic materials and materials that do not allow the destruction of crystals are allowed to dry. The belt / chain two-stage elastic connection is adopted, so the equipment runs smoothly. The specially designed process fully embodies the good concentricity of the two shafts. The heat medium and the vacuum system use reliable mechanical seals or American technology rotary joints. The machine can be stepless speed regulation, and can also carry out constant temperature control. The heat medium is available from high-temperature thermal oil, medium-temperature steam and low-temperature hot water. When drying viscous materials, a "board copy" structure will be specially designed for you in the tank.

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