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Modern drying equipment meets the needs of production development

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The drying equipment of Changzhou Fengri Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. is used for drying operations. The moisture in the material (generally referring to moisture or other volatile liquid components) is vaporized and escaped by heating to obtain the specified moisture content. Solid materials. The purpose of drying is for the use of materials or the need for further processing. For example, the drying of wood before making wooden molds and woodware can prevent product deformation, and the drying of ceramic blanks before calcining the two drying equipment can prevent cracking of the finished product. In addition, the dried material is also convenient for transportation and storage, such as drying the harvested grain below a certain moisture content to prevent mildew. Since natural drying is far from meeting the needs of production development, various mechanized dryers are more and more widely used.

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