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The role of agitator in rotary flash dryer

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Changzhou Fengri Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. is breaking through. The stirrer of the rotary flash dryer can drive the hot air from the distribution chamber into the drying chamber to generate a high-speed rotating airflow, thereby forming a stable fluidized bed layer, avoiding unstable flow such as jet surge caused by local sticking State; secondly, due to the high-speed rotation of multiple sets of blades on the agitator, the large pieces of material are continuously crushed, the dry surface of the material is continuously updated, the heat exchange area is increased, thereby enhancing the quality and heat exchange, and improving the drying rate. In addition, the gap between the blade on the agitator and the wall of the drying tower is extremely small, and the materials adhered to the wall are cleaned up in time to prevent the materials from staying and denaturing for a long time.

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