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Vacuum rake dryer process of organic waste

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  The vacuum rake dryer of Changzhou Fengri Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. is very powerful, so it can dry many materials, including organic waste, that is, waste containing organic matter in municipal solid waste. A large part is the kitchen residues and hotel food waste.

  If these wastes are not processed in time, they will cause pollution to the environment. The treatment method is to first remove the non-degradable components in the wastes, and after crushing and hydraulic separation, they form organic emulsion; The proportion of auxiliary materials and fermentation bacteria undergo aerobic fermentation to form a solid-liquid mixture.
  After this step is completed, the mixture is then dried in a vacuum rake dryer, and after granulation, drying, bagging and other processes, a high-quality bio-organic compound fertilizer is produced. The vacuum rake dryer has the feature of intermittent operation, and the fermentation and drying of organic waste can be performed in the same equipment.

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