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How to understand the constant speed drying heat of vacuum rake dryer?

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      The vacuum rake dryer of Changzhou Fengri Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. is the latent heat of vaporization of moisture in the material. The constant-speed drying heat can be calculated according to the latent heat of vaporization of the material and the vaporization rate (or drying rate). In the speed-drying stage, the moisture content in the material is getting less and less, and the heat provided by the heater more and more exceeds the heat required for drying, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the material.

   It can be seen that the drying heat at reduced speed must be less than the heat at constant speed. Comparing the heat of heating and the heat of constant speed drying, the larger one is used as the basis for the design and operation of the heating source. Generally, based on the heating time calculation, the average heat of material heating per unit time is less than the constant speed drying heat per unit time. Therefore, constant-speed drying heat is an important parameter in the heat calculation of the drying cabinet.

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