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Revolving Cylinder Series series

HZG Series Revolving Cylinder Drier

Brief introduction:Mostly the machine is used in per burning of rigid magnet oxygen Pulverized fodder; it is also suitable for the cement, metallurgy and Chemical industry.

Detailed description

      Mostly the machine is used in per burning of rigid magnet oxygen Pulverized fodder; it is also suitable for the cement, metallurgy and Chemical industry. It is made up of main kiln body and supporting Drive set cooling pipe and supporting drive set, fuel system, electricity Control secondary air set, exhaust dust set and warm-up kiln body etc. The machine has function like: give an alarm for over temperature, give an alarm for over loading, auto control for working temperature, oxygen atmosphere is adjustable in the kiln etc.
    When the damp raw material is fed from one terminal, it is turned over through blades that are distributed inside the cylinder and will be distributed uniformly in the drier and contact fully with the countercurrent hot air. In this way, the process of heat conduction is increased. During the period of dry, under the effect of incine blades and hot air stream, raw material can be moved to the star section of drier and discharged from disharged form discharging valve.

● It is suitable for drying the following raw materials. They are granules with heavy specific gravity in chenmical industry, mine industry, metallurgy industry such as ore, slag, coal, metallic powder, phosphorus  fertilizer, ammonia sulfate.
● Moreover for raw materials that are granules with special requirements, such as HP vesicant, less, light calcium carbonate, active white earth, magnetic powderm, graphite, lag of medicine
● Raw materials that need low temperature and in batch continuously.

● High in the etent of mechanization and strong in production capacity.
● The  resistance for fluid passing through the cylinder is small. The consumption of power and energy is low.
● It has strong adaptability to the properties of raw material. The operation is stable. The cost of operation is cheap.
● The uniformity of dried substance is good.

FormDirect heating down-streamDirect heating reverse-flowCompound heating
Kinds of raw materialOreHP VesicantOre residue of blast furnaceAmmonium sulphatePhosphorus fertilizercoal
Amount to be treated kg/h10004661500020000120005000
Primary moisture %301361.556.5
Final moisture %150.310.10.10.1
Average diameter mm6.
Specific gravity of raw material kg/m2770800189011001500750
Amount of hot air m3/kg390005400107509800650016000
Temperature of air at inlet in ℃600165500180650570
Temperature of product at outlet℃ 42100708075
Heating wayGasSteam,electric heatingHeavy oilCoal fuel hot air furnaceHeavy oilHeavy oil
Loading coefficient 6.377.57.818
Revolution rpm443.5342
Gradient m/m0.040.0050.
Quantity of stirring-up rake12241222Outer of inner cylinder 8
     ,Inner of outer cylinder 16
Outer of inner cylinder 6
     ,Inner of outer cylinder 12
Diameter of dryer m2.01.522.3Outer of inner cylinder 2,
     Inner of outer cylinder 0.84
Outer of inner cylinder 2.4,
     Inner of outer cylinder 0.95
Length of dryer m201217151016
Driving power kw227.515111115

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