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High end product line

Closed circuit circulating boiling dryer

Brief introduction:The equipment is a fully enclosed structure. The equipment is filled with nitrogen. When drying anaerobic materials or materials containing flammable and explosive solvents, there is no oxygen in the gas and it cannot be burned or oxidized, which can effectively avoid the equipment during production. Fire or explosion accidents occur, so it is safer than ordinary equipment.

Detailed description

Features and advantages of the equipment:

1. Safety
  The equipment is fully enclosed. The equipment is filled with nitrogen. When drying anaerobic materials or materials containing flammable and explosive solvents, there is no oxygen in the gas and it cannot be burned or oxidized, which can effectively prevent the equipment from catching fire during production. Or explosion accident, so it is safer than ordinary equipment.
Second, high efficiency
  The equipment host uses a bag pulse dust removal system, which has high dust removal efficiency, the dust is not bonded to the filter cartridge, and is easy to disassemble and clean. And use the whole machine back blowing technology (technology) to complete the equipment counterattack after the equipment is dried, and its dust removal is thorough. After using this technology, the cleaning frequency of the bag of the equipment is extended from the original 1-2 days to 12-15 days. One wash.
  The equipment is discharged from the lower part of the main machine, which can be pumped to the material storage device by vacuum discharge, reducing the operation intensity of workers and improving efficiency.
3. Environmental protection
  After being dried by this equipment, the hot moisture containing solvent enters the condenser to condense the solvent in the gas (the solvent recovery rate is more than 95%), which can recover the solvent and condense the dehumidified dry gas. The recovered solvent can be recycled again, which can save costs and at the same time will not cause exhaust emissions to pollute the environment.
4. Energy saving
  When the equipment is working, the required internal air pressure is low, and only a slight positive pressure is required, so the power of the fan equipped with the equipment is reduced, because under positive pressure, the hot air is blown upward from the lower part of the hopper screen, and the wind penetration is strong, although the material boiling height Not high, but the contact between hot air and materials is more sufficient, and the drying rate is faster. After the fan power of the equipment is reduced, the noise of the equipment becomes smaller and energy is also saved.
Five, broad spectrum
  The hot and humid gas inside the equipment is dehumidified by condensation. The absolute humidity in the gas is low, and the drying capacity becomes stronger. It is more suitable for moisture-sensitive materials that are sensitive to humidity.
  For materials with finer particles: due to the low wind pressure, the escape rate of the materials is small and can be fully recovered in the secondary dust removal.
  The equipment is fluidized during the drying process, and the material and hot air are in large-area gas-solid contact. The drying strength is large and the efficiency is high. With the increase of the equipment and the increase in the air volume of the equipment fan, the efficiency of the equipment can still be guaranteed; Unlike the static vacuum drying system, as the equipment increases, its drying efficiency becomes lower and lower. The material in the drying process of the equipment is fluidized, which avoids other adverse conditions such as local material overheating and deterioration caused by the direct contact of the material heating surface with the material in the vacuum drying system.
A brief description of the flow chart of the equipment:
1. Feeding: The feeding of the equipment adopts positional feeding, the working intensity is small, the material does not stick to the pipeline, and the feeding is fast.
2. Drying: After the system is filled with nitrogen, the air inside the equipment is driven by the fan; enter the filter to filter, the heater is heated to enter the host; in the hopper of the host, after a large area of gas-solid contact, the two-phase exchange of mass and heat transfer (Take away the solvent, leaving heat); then enter the dust collector, the fine powder is intercepted again; then enter the condenser, perform two-phase exchange of mass and heat transfer again (take away the heat, leave the solvent), and then return Fan to achieve circulation. There is nothing inside or outside of the equipment when drying.
3. Discharging: When the equipment is discharging, open the flap at the lower part of the equipment barrel and start the vacuum shaking device to shake the material away.

The main technical parameters:

Raw material containerdiametermm30040070095012001400160018002000
DissolutionL12twenty two100220420670100015002000
Production capacityzuixiaoKg / batch1.54153080100150250350
zuidaKg / batch463672140240360500600
Steam consumptionKg / batch12twenty three70140211282366465512
Nitrogen volumeM3 / min0.
Fan powerKw2.22.241115twenty two303745
temperatureNormal temperature -120 ℃
Material yield%> 99
Final moisture content%-0.2
Host heightmm220026003100270041004600520058006000

The main technical parameters:

Model \ ParameterEffective volume (L)Processing capacity (kg / h)Fan power (kw)Inlet air temperature (℃)Outlet temperature (℃)Heating energy consumption
Steam kg / hElectric kw
BXFG-200200140-280twenty two280120

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