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Single cone vacuum dryer

Brief introduction:Single-cone vacuum drying does not use any auxiliary tools during the drying and mixing process. It only uses the revolution and rotation of the cone-shaped stirring screw, which makes the material shear and disperse continuously except for the lifting from the stirring screw, which guarantees All the materials in the silo can get full movement, and can make the materials not be squeezed by any other external force except the lifting from the propeller, avoiding the ineffective friction between the powder and the equipment and powder grains , And the ineffective friction is often the main factor leading to the destruction of the crystal form of the material.

Detailed description

1. Product Overview and Uses:   

    DZLG series spiral vacuum dryer is a highly efficient and multi-functional fully enclosed vertical vacuum drying equipment integrating drying, crushing and powder mixing. Its drying efficiency is 3-5 times that of the "double cone rotary vacuum dryer" of the same specification. It is mainly used for powder drying in the pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and other industries. It can realize the closed and continuous operation of the whole process. It is the preferred equipment for drying in the above industries.


2. Equipment process characteristics:    

    Drying and mixing of powder is an important link in the production of APIs, so the selected dry mixing equipment is the guarantee of the quality of its final product, and it is also the key to determine the production and operation costs. The "DZLG series single cone spiral vacuum dryer" newly developed by our company leads the drying technology of the domestic chemical and pharmaceutical industry with its unique structure and absolute advantages.

(1) The selection of the dryer needs to meet the specific requirements and characteristics of various products and processes. Its content is mainly the following aspects:

1. Most of the raw materials processed in the production process are thermally sensitive, so agglomeration of materials often occurs during the drying process, which requires shortening the drying time as much as possible and improving the drying efficiency.

2. In the production of materials, the purity of the circulating gas used in the drying process will greatly affect the quality of the materials. The equipment uses a unique gas supply technology to minimize the impact of gas on the drying process. From the point of view of operating economy, it is hoped that all process pipelines can be fixedly installed, thereby saving the slewing space required by the double cone dryer.

3. In order to make the whole process continuous and reduce the leakage of materials at the same time, the solid discharge flow of the dryer is controllable. This can reduce the workload of manual operation and loading and unloading in the cleaning area, and prevent the phenomenon of external flushing of materials.

(2) Structure and characteristics of DZLG series single cone vacuum ribbon dryer:

1. The working process of DZLG series single-cone vacuum screw belt dryer is intermittent batch operation. After the wet material enters the silo, heat is supplied through the barrel wall jacket and the inside of the propeller, so that the heating area reaches 140% of the entire container area. Drying at elevated temperature. And choose the corresponding cone type dry mixer model (working volume) to achieve the ideal drying effect. The mixing dryer adopting the upper drive type structure has the characteristics of efficient drying and mixing ability, at the same time, it has plenty of space and is more convenient for users to carry out maintenance and repair.

2. Stable operation and protection of crystal form:

   DZLG series spiral vacuum drying does not use any auxiliary tools during the drying and mixing process, only using the revolution and rotation of the cone-shaped stirring screw, which makes the material in addition to the lifting from the stirring screw and is continuously sheared and dispersed, ensuring the material All the materials in the silo can get full movement, and can make the materials not be squeezed by any other external force except the lifting from the propeller, avoiding the invalid friction between the powder and the equipment and powder grains. Ineffective friction is often the main factor leading to the destruction of the crystal form of the material. This is also the fundamental reason why LZG series spiral vacuum drying can keep the crystal form of the material intact during the operation.

3. The top drive eliminates the possibility of pollution caused by the shaft seal to the product:

Using top drive, relative to the bottom drive, the device can avoid the following disadvantages:

The stirring paddle must be disassembled using special equipment for cleaning and maintenance

Mixing paddle shaft seals are difficult to achieve true sealing without pollution, lack of quality assurance

4. Low operating energy cost and high mixing efficiency:

    DZLG series single cone vacuum spiral belt drying is driven by a motor, with a unique design. The spiral driven by the motor is used to lift the material, and there is no separate energy consumption for cutting. It is particularly worth noting that in the mixing and drying process, the traditional mixing and drying equipment provides a belt-type stirring paddle. Its working principle is that during the stirring movement, the moving material is like a whole, and a large amount of energy consumption is used for the circular movement of the whole material, so the drying efficiency provided by this stirring is low. The LZG series of spiral vacuum drying provides a conical spiral stirring. The entire stirring paddle moves circularly around the axis of the conical silo to ensure that the materials in different parts of the entire container can be stirred. To proceed, gradually lift the material at the bottom of the silo to the upper part of the container, and then let it fall naturally, so circulating. This stirring mode makes the materials in the container fully and evenly mixed, which eliminates the possibility of agglomeration of the materials during the drying process and greatly improves the mixing and drying efficiency of the materials. Moreover, it has the advantages of wide processing range and low energy consumption per unit mass.

5. Simple operation and convenient maintenance:

    DZLG series single-cone vacuum screw belt drying machine has a simple and effective structure, easy for operators to understand, and simple button control makes the operation process very simple. Some repairs and maintenance work can be completed smoothly and quickly even without a professional. The manholes can be easily adjusted and maintained for the moving screw, and can be completed without complicated disassembly. The wearing parts of this equipment are very few. The drive unit such as bearing box is set on the top of the silo. The user can easily detach the entire unit during maintenance, and the space of the drive unit on the top is also abundant.


three. Equipment structural features and functions:    

1. The equipment adopts jacket and ribbon internal heating, which increases the overall heating area of the equipment by about 40%.

2. The single spiral belt stirrer used in the equipment is the company's patented product, which can achieve the effect of bottom-to-top circulation stirring and can obtain efficient forced heat transfer performance. When the material loading rate is 40% ~ 100%, 100% heating can be obtained. Suitable for mixing and drying of delicate materials.

3. Fully sealed system, no foreign body pollution, high cleanliness, especially suitable for mixing and drying of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, as well as mixing and drying of sterile APIs.

4. The gap between the single-screw stirrer and the wall of the container is small, which can effectively prevent the material from sticking to the wall surface.

5. The small angle cone-shaped barrel structure makes the discharge speed fast, clean, and does not accumulate material.

6. Equipped with recoil device:

    During the material drying process, the dust raised due to the material drying is adsorbed on the vacuum trap, which blocks the vacuum channel, and the unsmooth gas channel directly leads to the extension of the drying time. The lower the temperature of the material in the drying process and the shorter the drying time, the less the quality of the material is affected. For the above reasons, the single cone dryer developed by our company is equipped with a back blowing device on the vacuum trap, which can keep the vacuum channel open during the material drying process, thereby ensuring the drying time and drying quality.

7. The bottom discharge valve is a pumping valve, which has a reliable seal and is conducive to vacuum drying.

8. The equipment has compact structure, normal operation, good sealing, no lubrication leakage, easy operation and long service life.


four. working principle:

    The machine is equipped with a heating jacket with a heating cone, and the heat source is hot water, thermal oil or low-pressure steam, so that the inner wall of the cone maintains a certain temperature. The variable-frequency speed-regulating motor drives the single spiral belt agitator to rotate through a parallel helical gear reducer, and the animal material rotates along the cone-shaped barrel and is lifted from bottom to top. After the material reaches the highest point, the gravity and inertia effect automatically flows to the vortex center At the bottom of the cone-shaped barrel, the whole process forces the material to be heated in the cone-shaped barrel, relative convection and mixing, and the heat diffuses in the material, so that the material makes an all-round irregular reciprocating motion, and the material is the same as the single spiral belt and the barrel High-frequency heat transfer is performed on the wall surface to achieve the effect of heating and drying in a short time. As a result, the water inside the material continuously evaporates. Under the action of the vacuum pump, the water vapor is led out by the vacuum pump. If you need to recover the liquid, you can add a condenser and a recovery liquid storage tank to recover it. After the drying is completed, open the lower discharge valve to discharge.


Fives. The main structure:

    This machine is composed of motor, reducer, frame, mechanical seal, metal sintered mesh filter, hollow double spiral belt stirrer, cone-shaped cylinder with jacket heating and discharge valve.

1. Transmission and sealing parts:

It is composed of motor, reducer, frame and mechanical seal.

1.1 Motor: Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation motor, the speed can be adjusted according to the need during the operation.

1.2 Reducer: SLFA series helical gear reducer, stable and reliable operation, low noise and long service life.

1.3 Frame: designed by yourself, with high manufacturing precision. There are two sets of roller bearings inside, which can adjust the height and radial swing of the agitator.

1.4 Mechanical seal: single-end hygienic type with material washing chamber, good sealing.

2. Blender:

The support rods of the hollow stirring shaft are respectively connected with the hollow spiral belt, and the upper and lower ends connected with the hollow spiral belt are formed with hollow support rods to form a circuit through which the heat medium can pass. In order to ensure that the material does not stick to the wall of the cylinder, the gap between the spiral band and the wall of the cylinder is very small.

3. Tank body:

This part consists of upper head, conical cylinder, vacuum filter, discharge valve, etc.

3.1 Upper head: carrying the transmission part and the agitator; the inner surface of the nozzle is arc transition. All materials in contact with the material are 316L. The process pipes are as follows: DN400 sanitary manhole, pressure gauge, explosion-proof sight lamp, sight glass port, feed port, cleaning port, vacuum port, etc.

3.2 Lower cone with heating jacket: the inner surface is smooth and free of dead corners, which can fully dry the materials. With the aid of the rotation of the agitator during discharging, the discharging is fast and clean.

3.3 Filter: It adopts metal sintered mesh, with high filtering precision and large filtering area. In addition, an exhaust port is provided at the vacuum outlet, and compressed air is blown back to the filter for regeneration during exhaust.

3.4 Discharging valve: It adopts a pumping valve, which has a fast discharging speed and convenient operation, and there is no residue and no dead angle in the discharging.


The project case is as follows:

Jiangsu Zhongqi Crop Protection Co., Ltd.

Huaian Guorui Chemical Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Fuqiang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Yancheng Kaiyuan Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd.


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